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First post of 2014!

Hey guys!This is the first post of 2014…HAPPY NEW YEAR!For this new year I have made a new account of Pinterert with a set of some my works previously posted on Facebook (also my recent work for Top Cow – Witchblade) Here: My Pinterest Reminder: WITCHBLADE #171 is now available in American stores.Don’t miss it! […]

Witchblade #171

Hey guys, WITCHBLADE #171 is coming!Check out Top Cow store and Witchblade #171 preview on CBR. Story: Ron MarzArt: MeColors & Editor: Betsy GoniaLetters: Troy Peteri Cover A: John Tyler ChristopherCover B: Stjepan SejicDICEMBER 18$2.99 Top Cow Productions Here, the first 6 pages in B/W version.                                                                   © Top Cow Productions                                        […]